Yes, Marketing Yourself Can Be Fun

Now, before you skip this blog and scroll to the next, hear me out.

If you’re well on your way to telling me that I’ve absolutely lost my mind, I totally get it.

Because I was you once.

I completely understand that marketing yourself feels like another box you have to check for your business that day.

It’s not fun. It’s not exciting. In fact, it’s dreadful. And awkward. And uncomfortable. And frankly, you’re over it.

You want to make a splash, but the pool feels too big and there’s just too many other people jumping in.

You feel like you aren’t creative enough to catch anyone’s attention.

You don’t want to come off looking ridiculous, gimmicky, or worse, unprofessional.

You desire to become magnetic, to simply attract those dream clients right to your door, just by being yourself… Just by expressing yourself in a way that actually feels good, that feels like you.

But what if it’s not marketing that you despise, but rather, a broken, outdated approach to it?

Listen, I know marketing. I’ve been enmeshed in the world of marketing for the past 15 years. I’ve had a business in marketing for 10 of them.

And guess what? I hated the old paradigm of marketing. I’m talking about the inauthentic, unaligned, hustle and grind… the performative, ego-driven, fear-based numbers game. You know the kind.

But I’m talking about a new kind of marketing… one that is empowering, freeing, heart-centered, desire-driven, aligned, fulfilling, compassionate and so much more. It’s focused on possibility, on opportunity, on transformation.

Is this something you can get excited about?

There’s a truth I need you to understand about business building and therefore marketing in general: It’s a non-negotiable.

I’m sure your work speaks for itself and if given the chance, you could probably sell the socks off of anyone who tries out what you have to offer.

But you aren’t selling your work right off the bat. For now, you’re selling your words.

Your voice and your vibe are all that you’ve got when you’re trying to market yourself.

And to many of us, particularly the heart-centered, purpose-driven business owners out there, this can feel… icky, cringey, uncomfortable.

So, how do we fix this? We create a marketing strategy that we can get excited about!

That is what you crave. Alignment in how you show up. Authenticity in the way you show up. Putting yourself out there with confidence and creativity. A structure that allows you to show up in a way that was meant for you. One that feels good. One that taps into the things that light you up… that matter to you about what you do.

Because you’re worthy of building a business with a marketing strategy that excites you.

Here are a few quick and easy ways you can make marketing yourself more fun:

Share something about your business that excites you. (Excitement = instant positive vibes!)
Share something you do in or for your business on a daily basis that makes you happy. (This is your authenticity shining!)
Share the possibilities that can happen for someone as a result of working with you. (After all, we’re in the new paradigm of marketing!)

And if you want more help than that, head to the Get Guidance page of my website for all of the offerings I have to make your marketing feel more magical, including a Masterclass coming up on October 28!

Written by Tribe Pro-level Member, Christina Giordano. Christina is on a mission to help wellness professionals get closer to the deep passion within themselves, the desire to create a life and business that is both incredibly meaningful AND profitable. Get more guidance from Christina here.

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