Yes, everyone talks to themselves.

What is your self-talk? When you become aware of the inner dialogue that takes place moment to moment, do you hear a kind and compassionate voice, or is this language critical, self-deprecating, unkind?

Perhaps this voice is situational… what thoughts arise when things are going well? What about when things are a struggle? Self-talk, like anything else, is habit-forming.

If you were raised in a household that was critical or unkind, you may develop the habit of negative self-talk. If you weren’t actively encouraged or acknowledged, you may not have developed the habit of encouraging or acknowledging yourself.

Ask yourself: if you could be more kind and encouraging toward yourself today, what would the voice in your head say to you? The next time you notice a self-deprecating thought creep in, how can you create a new habit that counteracts that thought? Add some lightness into it; perhaps start with saying, “Hey! Don’t talk to my friend that way!”

Commit to creating a new and loving relationship with your self-talk, create new habits with how you talk to yourself, and notice what arises.

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