What Is Higher Consciousness?

Humankind has been blessed with the power to know. We can comprehend the most complex and abstract aspects of life through our expansive thought processes and five senses. Yet from the beginning of time, there has been one question that repeatedly perplexes us: what allows us to do that?

In recent years, neuroscientists have delved deeply into the complex neurocircuitry of the brain and body, which in many ways seems to shape our conscious capability, yet they still can’t answer this question. Consciousness, it seems, is elusive to the material realm, yet shapes every aspect of your life.

Consciousness is an integral part of your being. When you wake up in the morning, it’s what takes in the familiar look of your room and experiences it. It’s what knows the love and warmth you feel around the ones you love. And it’s what sees the lush beauty in a thriving forest.

Higher consciousness, which is a component of consciousness, is particularly present with the latter examples. It is the ability to see the world beyond its mundane form, capturing its divine beauty, love, and positivity. For example, nobody starts their day off by saying, “today I’m going to try my absolute hardest to make life horrible.” Instead, we all work in the best way we know how to make our lives more fulfilling, beautiful, and happy. This is a quality of the higher consciousness we are all gifted with.

Consider ways that you can harness your higher consciousness to bring more love, connectedness, and joy to your life. Remember, it’s always there, and its guidance is only neglected when life’s negativities and setbacks get you down. To get back on track, contemplate the connection you feel with those you love and care about, the bliss you feel after a relaxing deep-breathing session, or the serenity of a dazzling orangey-pink sunset. Notice the instinctual gratitude that arises. This is higher consciousness.

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