What Is an End of Life Doula?

We don’t talk about death, and that’s an issue. As life expectancy has increased exponentially throughout the world, the topic of death has been shoved into the deepest and most remote corner of the public consciousness and delegated to out-of-sight institutions. When the time comes when we or someone we love is at the end of their life’s journey, most aren’t prepared. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Death is simply a necessary phase in the cycle of life. With the right support, it can be transformed into the enlightening and natural event that it should be, and that gives everyone involved the time to reflect, give their love, prepare, and be okay. This is where end of life doulas come in, bridging the gap between healthcare workers and their patients, and shouldering some of the physical and emotional load of family members.

Providing companionship, wisdom, and guidance in the death process, end-of life doulas offer non-medical support ranging from physical assistance, emotional processing, and having deep conversations, to giving advice on advance care directives, discussing end-of-life care planning, and making the individual’s space the most comfortable and peaceful. In this way, end-of-life doula’s serve as the best possible sidekick for one of life’s most challenging events.

We hope we’ve inspired you to seek alternative support when death touches your life so that you and those you love can see it through with grace and harmony.

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