Use Curiosity to Know Your Purpose

Life is full of hidden lessons, and curiosity is the perfect looking glass to find them. When curiosity becomes a means for internal inquiry, it works to connect and weave together the complex and sometimes eluding fragments of personal experience into meaningful insight.

Notice the profound impact that curiosity has had on our world—greats like Einstein, Newton, and Aristotle viewed the world with the most incessantly curious outlook possible and changed our world greatly because of it. Imagine the impact if you could harness that same curiosity and direct it inwards to provoke personal insight.

Start looking from the inside—at your thoughts, those you love, your home, and patterns you’ve created for yourself. Begin to ask questions. Why do you feel such comfort around the people you love? Why do you choose the daily rituals you do? When do you feel the most tranquil? What inspires you to get creative? What does this all mean? If you sit down and get curious with yourself, you’ll discover what fuels you—the sense of purpose that propels you through life. Because at the pinnacle of curiosity is truth. We’ll find you there.

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