Tribe’s Top 10 Gift List For The Health Conscious Person in Your Life

One of the great things about being part of a like-minded community is when you are looking for recommendations, someone almost always has a resource for you. We call it consulting the Tribemind. So, just in time for the holidays, we consulted the Tribemind about favorite healthy indulgences that would make great gifts. If someone in your life lives an organic, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly lifestyle, or loves health-promoting gadgets like us, check out this great list!

Skin nourishing favorites

For dry winter mornings, Manual Lymph Drainage practitioner, Madge Lockwood, loves organic Banyan Beauty Balm. Based on an Ayurvedic recipe of ghee, shatavari, ashwagandha, and geranium, it can be used on any area of the body to saturate your skin in moisture. Price $22.

Skin care specialist and massage therapist Becky Masters’ favorite is Arosha Cell Repair Dry-Touch Oil, because it helps to improve the integrity of the skin and slow down the aging process. This is a professional product, so contact Becky to order. Price $33.

Wellness marketing expert Christina Giordano loves The Body Serum by Necessaire, a fast-absorbing rehydrating serum that has been recognized by the National Eczema Association. Price $45.

All of these products are rated Excellent (100/100) on the Yuka app, which rates skin care products on their ingredients, including any not listed on the label. Download the Yuka app and start scanning your bathroom cabinet to see what nasty stuff might be lurking in your skin or hair care products.

Party Treats

Make your holiday special with these beautiful Flying Wish Papers. Tribe co-owner Cari Rogers uses these in her small group events and they always feel magical. Write your wish on the wish paper and then watch it take flight. Price $16.

If you are local to Chicago, support local business with a gift certificate

Tribe owners Cari Rogers & Ellen Letten love to hang out in a Northwest side secret oasis, the Galos Salt Caves. The sea microclimate created inside the caves creates a sense of peace and relaxation and inhaling the salt minerals has many health benefits. Call the caves to gift a package of sessions. Price range $15 to $135.

Assisted Stretching practitioner Amanda Boike highly recommends 7am Nails. She loves that it is a non-toxic nail salon with no harsh smell and the staff aren’t exposed to harmful chemicals daily. They have locations in Lincoln Park, Old Town, and the Loop. Gift certificates are available. Price Range $50 to $500.

Health tech gadgets

If someone you love deals with chronic pain, or had a recent surgery these should make a welcome gift.

Skin Care Specialist and Massage therapist Becky Masters recommends using red light therapy for both skin health and reducing inflammation post-injury. Full or half-body panels are a little more pricey, but she suggests this handheld lightstim red light device for local areas of pain. Contact Becky if you are interested in learning more about the benefits of red light therapy or to purchase a larger device. Price $249.

For the athletes or anyone with chronically tight or achy muscles in your life, Christina Giordano, loves her Theragun Mini to relieve tension when she can’t get in to her massage therapist. Price $155.

For someone sitting at a desk all day who has chronic back pain, the portable version of the BEMER mat that Mary Ann Wilkens uses with her clients is a more affordable version of the full size mat. BEMER technology sends a low-intensity pulsed electromagnetic field into the body to stimulate and condition muscles, which increases temporary blood flow to those muscles for improved performance and recovery.​​ Price $665.

If you are looking for something that is more of an indulgence, both Tribe co-owner Cari Rogers and Manual Lymph Drainage Practitioner Madge Lockwood use a professional Amethyst Biomat during their client sessions. The biomat helps to reduce inflammation and promote healing. A mini version is available for personal use. Price $780.

We hope you found some inspiration here to simplify your list!

Happy Holidays from Tribe ✨

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