The Power of the Will

Will may be the most important power us humans are blessed with. It is the movement maker of life, containing the agency to initiate change, think in new ways, grow, and sculpt our life and world into something different.

If you think about it, the most influential people throughout the history of the world have not been neurologically more able than most of us; what separates them from the average everyday individual is the force, determination, and wide-reaching power of their will. Through trials, tribulations, and a desire for change, they grew to cultivate its full potential.

You have that power. It is inside each of us. You are not required to be the next messiah, heal the world, or fix anything that is wrong with it. You can if you’d like, but the will is even more potent at the small scale. It can be harnessed to make small, but meaningful changes and progress in your personal life that will propagate throughout the world like a ripple.

In a previous post, we highlighted the fact that attaining happiness can be as simple as making a conscious choice to stay cheerful. In the same light, by harnessing your willpower, you can make a concrete decision to avoid negative thought patterns, focus on kind, helpful, and lovely ones, and enjoy life to its fullest degree. You can decide to commit a certain amount of time every day to self-care practices because you know it helps you to stay positive, healthy, and happy. You can harness your willpower to complete all your tasks at hand efficiently, smoothly, and consistently to make your life more streamlined.

You have all these choices, and all they require is a simple commitment—an employment of your inherit will to benefit your life and set an example for others. You have the power. Use it for something good.

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