The Key to Nurturing Joy

 Be authentic. Be connected. Be grateful.

These are phrases known to center and ground one’s self. These phrases are cues for self-help and self-reflections modalities. Clearly these phrases remind us what we need for achieving a goal to be mindful.
What we really want in the moments of chaos, displeasure and/or disconnect is the how to be authentic, a clue to what we can connect to and why being grateful will inspire us to be better in the moment and create the long lasting joy we all seek.

There are pathways to actively access these instructive phrases in an immediate
timeframe for practical use. Yet, in the moments that we actually need these skills, we most likely forget that we innately have these tools. What we can do in the moment, when we feel vulnerable and at-risk, is to pause.

Pause is very different than paralysis or procrastination. Pause is a conscious choice and invitation to be still with our bodies and listen to the information and messaging being offered to our higher self, our best self and most uncompromising purpose for being.

In stillness we can focus on our breathing and ask ourselves what are the accurate seeds of thoughts. Each thought can create body sensations. Sensations that communicate next steps in actions and behaviors, loud, intense over stimulating sensations or calm conscious awareness of choice in our emotions moving into actions.

When we are open to taking responsibility for our actions, we can fully realize that whatever we are facing, even the adversities, we capable to assert self-supportive actions to be better at representing our authentic self, one that is without or less ego. In a pause we are better able to rely on the ability to self regulate our emotions. When we stop judging ourselves to be right or wrong, we create ease in our body and can connect to our authentic essence. We can create our reality in a perception of opportunity and choice.

Without connecting our body sensations to the junction of varied thoughts and perceptions from past events, our behaviors will be automatically generated. We forget that the past is in many ways outdated information and is serviceable to younger versions of self. Joy is in a constant state of modernizing. When we learn to listen and rely on discerning good feelings, joy will be our foundation and what is manifested. To achieve joy, we must first truly understand that what we want is to feel grateful for what we have and change our unlikeable parts effectively. We can also be grateful for our inclination to be caring and share positive influences to transform lives for the better.

Reframing all reactive behavior will pave the way to joy.

Activating choice, free will and responsive actions will always create new, limitless opportunities for joy.
Nurturing and maintaining the integrity of our good feelings will create multiple expressions of joy for ourselves and the people around us.

Written by Nancy Frank-Thomas,  Tribe Pro-level Member

Founder of Reframe Your Life
Personal and Professional Self Development Educator and Facilitator
Board Certified Hypnotist/Instructor Trainer
Self Acceptance Training Coach and Stress Reduction Specialist
InterPlay Leader, Certified (Body Wisdom Techniques)
Kabbalah Student/Mentor

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