The Importance of Curiosity

There’s something special about the way toddlers experience their brand-new world with profound fascination—their faces lighting up with each new sight and wonder. Let’s remind ourselves of the joy found in this simple state. Being curious is inspiring; it is a framework to gain a positive, joyful, appreciative, and compassionate outlook. It is also a tool to gain new experiences that help us grow and learn more about life.

As we continue to celebrate birthdays, and thousands of days begin to feel similar, it’s easy to forget the beauty and novelty in the world. But, remembering the wonder found in a curious outlook can help us to return to the blissful, innocent state of being a new member of the world.

So get out of your head. Muster the deepest level of curiosity you can, then observe the world around you from that perch of curiosity. Notice how irritation, cynicism, and judgment are replaced by positivity. This is your soul, not your mind, observing. What arises?

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