The Benefits of Music

Music is a powerful tool that has been clinically proven to reduce anxiety, depression, and stress. Its ability to impact the nervous system has a wide variety of benefits in general and in the treatment of disease. In fact, many hospitals have departments dedicated to providing live music to their patients in an effort to help them cope with their treatment and hospital stay.

These benefits of music, which only scratch the surface, make it a valuable self-care tool. On a day that is stressful, uninspiring, or daunting, the right music can add a dose of brightness. It can help you to remember the beauty of life.

What is the right kind of music for self-care? There is so much to choose from! Try sticking with music with either inspiring lyrics, or none at all. Choose music that you enjoy, evokes a relaxation response, and helps you connect to the beauty in the world. Some examples may include ambient, classical, and jazz.

Next time you need an extra boost and a more positive outlook during a challenging day, consider listening to music that will brighten it. You may find that it’s just the thing you need to remember the joy of being alive.

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