Take A Quiet Time-Out

Taking breaks throughout the day has been proven to increase your productivity, lighten your attitude, and decrease stress and body tension. However, it’s important to remember that not all breaks are created equal.

Breaks are most beneficial if they encourage relaxation of the mind, acting as a reset point from a difficult and busy day. But, these days, it’s so challenging to resist the urge for constant stimulation. With technology pervading our existences like never before, it’s hard to make a conscious effort not to reach for the phone.

While a technology-filled break can still be restful, finding a time throughout the day to bask in utter calm and silence has a whole host of benefits. Silence can grant you an even greater sense of tranquility than an ordinary break, allowing you to spread that calm throughout your day. And, this state gives you the unique ability to process your thoughts and experiences with a clear mind.

We hope that you are already taking breaks throughout the day because you know their benefits. Consider making a conscious effort to designate some of your breaks as stimulation-free, and notice how these moments of calm help you find greater peace.

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