Systemize Your Life for Peace

Systemization is a wonderful method to help you streamline your life and find greater peace. In our last post, Discover Creative Possibilities, we highlighted the importance of using your innate creativity to find new, innovative answers to life’s problems. This post will apply this same method with a slightly different application; there are aspects of life that may not be a noticeable problem, but hinder your productivity, waste your time, or distract your mind. By thinking creatively to fine-tune your habit patterns and simplify your daily tasks, you can find greater comfort with a more tranquil life.

In today’s age, there are many different realms that you dwell in—this may include your home environment, the digital sphere, or where you work. If your habits are left unchecked in any realm, some may not develop in the most efficient way, causing you excess headache, time wasted, and a decrease in your productivity.

Here are some tips on how to systemize your life, with some relevant examples.


Decluttering has been all the rage lately, and for good reason. It is the first step to work on systemization, because it removes any chaos that may be preventing you from making your life simpler.

“Clutter isn’t just the stuff on the floor. It’s anything that gets between you and the life you want to be living.” – Peter Walsh

We couldn’t have said it better. It’s important to remember that decluttering should be applied to both the external and internal worlds. Internally, decluttering can mean letting go of unhelpful relationships, thought processes, grudges, and emotions—anything that prevents you from being content and grounded. Externally, decluttering may involve discarding objects that take up too much physical, emotional, or mental space; it’s common to latch on to objects because of their sentimental value, but taking a step back to evaluate the usefulness of a possession can help you lay off a burden you may not know existed.

Simplify Your Workflow/Technology

After decluttering, start evaluating the tasks you complete throughout your day. In today’s age, much time is spent in the digital realm, and focusing your attention there can yield some valuable insights.

There are innumerable ways you can carry out your tasks, which is especially true in the digital sphere. Before drafting an email, searching the web, downloading a file, or using an app/computer program, evaluate how long it will take you and whether your action will cause you more work in the future.

For example, downloading a file in your downloads folder may be the easiest immediate course of action, but may cause difficulty for you later when try to find it. In this case, spending extra time organizing your folders will help save you difficulty in the long run.

If you find that you’re spending too much time switching between programs/apps/websites to complete your task, try to brainstorm ways you can systemize to lower this time interval. Maybe you can find a better method of storing your login details, so you don’t need to reset your password every time. Or, you may find that learning a new app/program will help you use a more efficient system of completing your tasks, saving you extra steps in the long run.

Organize Your Space

Organization is one key aspect of systemization that will help you to reduce stress and chaos in your life. By organizing your space, you’ll feel more balanced and productive. And, according to one study in the scientific journal Psychological Science, researchers found that participants in orderly rooms were more creative, philanthropic, and chose healthier food options than those in disorderly rooms.

Consider decluttering, simplifying, and organizing to help make your life more balanced and productive. So, get working!

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