Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

As we enter the warmer days of the year and life blooms all around us, we can reflect on our growth and explore ways to expand our perspectives and understanding.

Taking a step out of your comfort zone is an essential tool for self-growth, and can be used to gain valuable experiences that can challenge our ideas and increase our ability to learn from life. It can also be a self-care tool to break up a mundane week, or to create space for a bogged-down mind.

Think about recent experiences, adventures, or events that were slightly uncomfortable but helped you to learn something about yourself, or the world around you. Examples may include being a part of a book club/writing group, giving a lecture or hosting a meeting, or reading a book that placed you in the shoes of someone you don’t fully understand.

Don’t be afraid to seek out new experiences if you feel stagnant. Our world is rich with opportunities. Afterwards, reflect on how these events and encounters helped you to grow.

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