Small Business Owners Need Big Boundaries

When you care so deeply about your business because of the service you provide and the relationships you form, rather than the profit, it takes guts to make yourself priority over the ones you serve. But we promise you, it’s worth it.

In some ways, this stance can sound scary, and the thought of it probably triggers waves of hesitation in your head: “but what if someone who really needs me can’t pay for the fee I need to grow my business?” and “it sounds so selfish to prioritize profits over relationships,” and “if I limit my availability to my clients, what if they need me and I’m not there?”

If you’re a wellness professional, a part of your practice is helping your clients know that they are important. This is because every person must prioritize themselves in their lives to be the most happy, radiant, and healthy that they can be. Remember, this should be applied to yourself, too. You can never be fully engaged, happy, and fulfilled with your business if it becomes a burden, and generally, this only happens when you neglect to create firm boundaries for yourself.

Your work matters, and so does your sanity. Never devalue your work, and set boundaries for yourself that are sustainable and keep you balanced and happy. By doing so, you’ll not only help yourself, but will also be an inspiration to others.

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