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Do you have a bigger vision for your health and want a supportive community? Perhaps you struggle with affording time, access, energy or money to take care of yourself?
Build meaningful relationships on a deeper level than you might find at home or even in a one-off class or session when you become a free Self-Care Member.

A subscription with Tribe gives you easy access to self-care resources and a like-souled community of self-care enthusiasts at ZERO cost.

We believe self-care should be easy to access and so it is our mission to save you money, time and energy so you can focus on your health and well-being! Incorporating self-care becomes a no-brainer, especially at the most crucial times when you tend to neglect it.

Ready to get built-in inspiration and support from your peers to create a life of nutritious self care, connection, wellbeing, wisdom and joy?

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Have you ever wished there was a trusted place you could go to ask questions (from real people, not google) like:

As a part of our community you have access to consult the “TribeMind” for instant guidance on any aspect of holistic health! We trust, respect and actually enjoy each other’s company, and the support naturally expands beyond self-care to life and even friendship! We’d love for you to be a part of our Tribe.
Ellen Letten & Cari Rogers
Tribe Co-founders

A note from Tribe Co-founders

We created Tribe, A Healing Arts Community to support independent practitioners and health educators who have a passion for helping others. Our vision is to expand and change the face of health care by creating a collaborative space for holistic professionals to share their expertise, wisdom and gifts with an ever-expanding community.