Self-Care for Teens

Being a teenager is hard—as you start exploring the world in greater depth, you also discover new challenges that can undermine your belief systems and internal balance. It is true that encountering new situations can be enlightening and foster growth with the proper foundation. However, without the right guidance or experience, our media-influenced society can make you feel confused, anxious, stressed, or depressed.

We hope to guide you in the right direction. By deciding who you’d like to be, practicing self-care, finding fellowship, engaging in service opportunities, and staying thoughtful, you’ll develop a greater ability to keep life in perspective.

Maintain a Personal Philosophy

Maintaining a personal philosophy is important for everyone, and especially for teens. As you’re thrown new experiences every day, it is vital that you can decipher what will be productive for your growth and well-being or destructive to it. Thus, deciding on a distinct set of core beliefs will help you to become the person that you want to be.

Think about the most genuinely happy people you know. What do they do to be this way? What values can you emulate to increase your happiness?

It’s important that you keep these beliefs close to your heart. It can be extremely hard to reject the social norm if it’s not in line with your beliefs, but by doing so you’ll feel more confident, peaceful, and genuine.

To learn more and for a guided contemplation exercise, take a look at our previous blog post dedicated to the topic of maintaining a personal philosophy.

Find Fellowship

After deciding on a personal philosophy, find others who also have the same goals and values. This may include friends who are close in age as well as adults. Find people who will motivate you to stick to your plan, and who you can talk to when you’re having difficulty.

Engage in Service Opportunities

Sometimes, the best form of therapy is to keep your life in perspective. They are an almost infinite number of living things in the universe, each with their own experiences and challenges, and you comprise only a very small part of the greater plan. By engaging in service opportunities, you can take a break from your mind, remind yourself of this fact, and be a part of a larger cause.

Use Other Self-Care Tools

Check out our blog for guides to other self-care tools like breathing, yoga, mindfulness, and contemplation exercises. They can help you to stay grounded, balanced, and healthy amidst a challenging phase of life. It’s impossible to think yourself out of everything, and self-care specific tools can help you return to your center.

Navigating life can be quite the challenge, especially for teenagers. We hope you use these tips to stay thoughtful of your health and wellbeing, and seek support when necessary.

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