Prosperity is an Inside Job

Today’s IG Live is for the holistic practitioner who is ready to make marketing + messaging a divine element of their business. Christina of @we_are_sould chatted about her journey as a marketing consultant + entrepreneur and how it’s led her to a new paradigm of marketing that we KNOW speaks to the souls of the people inside a holistic business.

She defined “prosperity” in a powerful way, then talked about how to merge the divine/ spiritual + personal side of the practitioner with the tactical/ practical strategies to monetize a message. The two are not separate!

Christina also shared about her upcoming workshop series that is a MUST for any practitioner struggling to get their message across in a way that has people saying YES that combines inner work with a takeaway plan to implement immediately.

Making a simple decision, taking a small step, like joining Christina’s workshop, can radically alter the course of your practice. This is possible for you!

Head over to Tribe’s professional events calendar to learn. Thanks, Christina!

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