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Practice Flow Program

Common stories arise from practitioners in the health + wellness industry when it comes to having a private practice and owning a business.

The story of the heart-centered healer in private practice who has a strong sense of purpose, but commonly prioritizes being of service over making profit. You never quite reach the stage where your practice supports you financially and you can’t figure out why. You feel burnout coming on because you’ve poured your heart into your work and it’s not enough.

What if purpose and profit are in alignment?

The story of the reluctant entrepreneur who views the business side of private practice as ‘a necessary evil.’ You have resistance when it comes to setting up and managing the back end of your business that you never take full ownership over running your practice, and then wonder why it’s not working out like you’d imagined. You think office work is a burden when you “just want to be able to help people and do the work you love” instead of seeing that so much of that goodness comes from embracing business ownership.

What if doing both are possible?

The story of the highly skilled practitioner who thinks about starting a private practice but feels overwhelmed at where to begin, so never takes the leap. You’ve possibly had this vision rolling around in your head for years; yet indecision and past failures hold you back. Fear has you believing that “I have no idea what I’m doing so I’m bound to mess it up” instead of seeing that running a business is absolutely doable when you set it up properly, and with the right support.

What if you do have enough to get started?

Benefit from our 20+ years in the industry as seasoned owners and operators of successful shared spaces as well as veterans of fully booked private practices. We’ve witnessed hundreds of ‘mis-steps’ made by practitioners (including ourselves) who ALSO have successful businesses. Because we don’t buy into the stories. And we know it can be easier for you.

This is Practice Flow.

It’s time to rewrite the stories of resistance, frustration and indecision into stories of possibility, ease, success and sustainability. Stop squandering any more of your precious time, effort and money by struggling to make it all work on your own or holding back.

This program helps you to design a business success plan in 60 days with a Practice Flow Blueprint, in a way that is easy, clear and absolutely doable, regardless of your level of experience.

Why can we confidently say that? Because we’ve supported hundreds of holistic practitioners to launch a private practice.

But don't take our word for it...

“As a Massage Therapist, I have struggled in the past with trying to have a business and been overwhelmed with all the things that need to be in place to be successful. Tribe's Practice Flow course presents all the aspects of being an entrepreneur in well-organized manageable pieces, with exercises and tools to gain clarity and actually begin building the structure of your business. I love that the course is by a healing professional for healing professionals. Ellen's wisdom comes from her own experience as a business owner. She is knowledgeable, organized, and accessible with a clear passion to help others succeed in creating a business that is their own authentic expression. It was a joy working with her and I know I can reach out out her for ongoing support.”

Cindy Ball
Founder of Embodied Sanctuary

Meet Your Practice Flow Facilitator

I’m so glad you’re here. My name is Ellen Letten and I’m the co-founder of Tribe.

20 years ago I became passionate about supporting wellness professionals while teaching entry level massage therapy students. I saw how difficult it was for them to start and maintain a successful private practice after leaving school. I was determined to make it easier.

My business partner Cari Rogers and I don’t have business degrees, so we understand the “imposter syndrome” challenge of feeling like you don’t know what you are doing. And yet, we’ve made it happen. And you can, too.

What’s included in the Practice Flow Program:​

8 x 75-minute live online sessions where we will explore the 8 Keys that are essential for turning a private practice into a sustainable business

90 days access to an attendee portal where you will receive support from Tribe’s owners and member support team, a discussion forum to chat with and receive feedback from your fellow attendees, and access to valuable shared resources

The Practice Flow Blueprint and program materials where you will create your strategic business success plan in 60 days and use to bring your private practice into fruition

BONUS: access to 3 exclusive TribeTV channels filled with hours of additional inspiring content for Wellness Professionals

PLUS: Option to add a Mastermind deep-dive to your program where you will have additional weekly leader + group support

More Details

Live Online Sessions

On the live calls, we’ll help you get crystal clear on why your business exists, look at ways to reduce the fear and resistance you might feel around owning a business, provide suggestions for simpler ways of operating your business, and walk through the process of taking a vision for your private practice and creating a well thought out plan that inspires you to manifest it.

Attendee Portal

Access to resources such as the Practice Flow Blueprint and program materials, discussion forums, shared articles and videos to support the program material, mentoring and support from Tribe's owners, the membership support team, and fellow program attendees.

Mastermind Deep-Dive

Get momentum, action, and immediate feedback with your Blueprint, and give/ receive support in this added 1-hour weekly deep-dive call that runs concurrently with Practice Flow. Reinforce and double the benefits of the program with ongoing accountability and follow through.

Each week we will explore one of the 8 Keys:

If you are just starting out, using these 8 Keys, we will help you to:

At the end of the program you will:

Cost: $397 / $597 with Mastermind

Tribe Pro-level members: $247 / $447 with Mastermind
(find your access code in the pro-level group)

8-week Schedule:
This training meets virtually on Zoom for 8 Tuesday mornings from 8-9:15am on 1/16/24 – 3/5/24.

**The Mastermind meets for 8 weeks Friday mornings from 8-9am CST and runs concurrent to the program (1/19/24 – 3/8/24).

Massage therapists can earn 12 hours in CEs.