Non-Religious Modes of Spiritual Self-Care

Some people, either through bad experiences or negative associations, see religion as closed-minded, dogmatic, or unscientific. Others find religion to be a comforting sanctuary, where much love, connection, and community is found. And still others view it with indifference, or a necessary incursion on their Sunday morning. Whichever way you see it, know that at the core of every world religion is spirituality—an intent to help you connect with something larger that yourself.

However, you don’t have to believe in God or religion to be spiritual; spirituality is inclusive and not limited to any rules or specific constraints. Thus, anything that helps you deeply connect with the beauty and divinity in life is a spiritual practice. In this post, we’ll walk through some spiritual self-care tools that are not inherently religious.


Contemplation is a powerful spiritual self-care tool. If you’re ever feeling disconnected, uninspired, unclear, or confused, contemplating on the aspects of life beyond yourself will help provide some clarity.

In the great scheme of things, we are only ants amidst an enormous sky. Contemplating on the immaterial connection that binds us together, generates life and breath, and creates art from color and sound will not only increase your spiritual connection, but will also help you release the permeation of the moment.


When was the last time you took a step back and silenced your mind completely? If it’s been a while, consider meditating. Meditation, which literally means the act of attending to, can be applied to almost anything, although it’s more useful to pay attention to some things than others. If you’re new to meditation, you can start by finding a comfortable position, and focusing on the sensation of your breath. More details can be found here, in one of our previous blog posts.


The spiritual journey is not meant to be pursued alone. Seek out those who are also interested in spirituality, and you’ll find you have a lot to talk about. Having intriguing, non-superficial conversations about the nature of life will keep you both inspired and connected to the divine.

Nature Time

Spending time in a nature is one of the best ways to stay spiritually connected. Nature is the link that binds us to all other life on earth, providing us sustenance, shelter, and a tranquil refuge. And if you contemplate on its beauty and harmonious qualities, you’ll be led directly to the “larger than yourself” entity that is the essence of spirituality.

Whether you decide to sit back and ponder the world, or take a nice hike, we hope we’ve inspired you with non-religious ways to stay spiritually connected.

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