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Collaborating together to heal your body, emotions, and spirit. Acupuncture + Shamanic Work

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Here’s the most important thing to know about me:

In 2020 I turned a corner, I pivoted….I had one of those moments where the years of hard work and baby steps in my physical, emotional, and spiritual healing actually culminated in real, tangible change. And, what changed for me was my ability to own my past and present in a way that’s allowing me to release (what I thought would always be) chronic pain and build my future through a lens of self acceptance, self worth, and purpose.

I’ve become enlivened by:

  • getting curious about what my body, emotions, and spirit needs- rather than frustrated with “what’s wrong”
  • making the words that come out of my mouth match the thoughts in my head and the feelings in my heart.
  • sharing that authentic self with others, even though “being seen” can still feel a little bit scary to me.
  • tapping into my courage when doubts, anxiety, fears, and resistance creep in.

And this has led to:

  • Feeling more and more comfortable in my own skin.
  • Feeling more connected to my purpose.
  • Feeling more connected in my relationships.
  • Being able to tap into my intuition and hear the guidance of my higher self more clearly.
  • A willingness to get curious about things that used to seem too overwhelming to address before, leading to opportunities for deeper healing.

What it has also led to- my patients are reporting:

  • their healing experiences are at a deeper, more meaningful level .
  • their new levels of health, comfort, and self awareness are leading them to make more of a positive impact on others.

All of this has led me to a hypothesis.

  • I think that every person holds a unique medicine inside them that leads to deep healing for themselves and is also healing for others.
  • I think we grow our access to that medicine by:
    • Developing practices that take off the layers that no longer serve us.
    • Learning to call back the parts of ourselves that we thought (or perhaps didn’t realize) we’d lost.
    • Being reminded by our healers, teachers, and higher selves of the innate wisdom we might have forgotten by living/ surviving in this word.
    • Growing back together or aligning our body- emotions-spirit.
  • The result of all that work, is being in touch with our authentic self. It is realizing that our unfiltered, unique, lovable, imperfect, unquestionably worthy selves are the medicine.
  • After we’ve accessed our medicine, I think we share it simply by being courageous enough to be our authentic self as we interact with others.

And so, I am leaning into that hypothesis. That’s the work I’m doing for myself and that’s the vision I’m holding for my patients.

I didn’t always hold this vision, feel my purpose, or know this was my career path. I think it is important to acknowledge our full journey and own every aspect, so follow the link below to learn a bit more about me.

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