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Transformational Tools for Navigating Life with Self Empowerment, Purpose, Balance and Joy

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When I was 10 years old, I met trauma for the first time. Coping was my trustworthy skill until 21. It was then, that I realized everything I yearned for was out of reach. I wanted to be happy. I also believed that happiness was an illusion, fleeting if not fake. Simultaneously, I had people in my life that I respected deeply. I was witness to them being truly happy, even though circumstances in their life were challenging. I knew it was time to begin my journey of healing and look towards ‘who I wanted to be’. I wanted to be a joyful and appreciative person. I consistently studied and applied tools for living life optimally. I learned that self-empowerment comes with the healing and integration of mind, body and spirit. My focus of inner expansion supports a positive navigation of relationships and environments with purpose and calm.
I believe in partnership, and that life is a journey meant to be traveled with people that willingly create opportunity to advocate for personal growth, transformation and joy. I have been practicing these tools and a journey of the study of Kabbalah for a fulfilling lifestyle and sharing the rewards and the lessons for 20 years. Awaken your spirit and Join me.

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Somatic Healing, Stress Release, Communication Tools for Transparency and Understanding, Transforming Behavior Patterns

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Choosing a successful rewarding lifestyle



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