Maybe It’s Your Marketing… Or, Maybe It’s Your Energy (with Money)

Wisdom contributed by Christina Giordano, Marketing Consultant for soul-powered entrepreneurs

“Why isn’t my marketing working?”

“Why aren’t people buying from me?”

“Why does marketing have to suck so bad?”

Marketing gets a pretty bad rep.

Why? Because all you have to do is look at the (broken and outdated) approach to it:

  • The hustling…
  • The grinding away…
  • The uncomfortable sales tactics…
  • The fear-based ploys…
  • The numbers games…
  • Overcoming objections 
  • The constant and continuous pounding on the pavement to make a buck.

If you know me at all, you know that I’m breaking all of same old, same old rules so that marketing can actually feel good and be fun

But I’m doing something else too… I’m incorporating energetics into it as well.

Because here’s the thing: If you’re asking yourself any of those questions:

  • “Why isn’t my marketing working?”
  • “Why aren’t people buying from me?”
  • “Why does marketing have to suck so bad?”

You *could* have a marketing problem. Your messaging *might* need to be tweaked. You *might* need to focus more on the actual transformation you provide. You *might* need to speak more of your ideal client’s language to get them aligned to your work. 

(Notice all those *mights*?)

There’s also another possibility…

There *might* be something going on in your relationship with money that is disrupting the flow of money.

Stay with me…

Pretend that energy is like water and you’re a vessel.

As a vessel, you have endured LIFE – the beauty, the mess, the pain, the pleasure, the mundane, the monumental… 

And so you have some cracks. 

What happens when water flows into a vessel with cracks?

It leaks.

You’re leaking water. You’re leaking energy. Something is *draining* you. 

How could you possibly hold all that you wish to manifest with a leaky vessel?! 

We have to patch up the leaks, because energy only flows where it can be held and contained… like water. 

Believe it or not, learning how to work with energy is pretty easy.

It’s the unlearning that’s hard. (But it’s absolutely essential. You can’t skip it, or else you’ll stay perpetually stuck.)

And so, I’ve created a two-part process for incorporating energetics into how you market yourself. 

The first step entails unraveling and unlearning the unhelpful programming you have around money, and the second step entails shifting the energy of your finances (with real-life applications) in order to create a new reality of money for you.

The bottom line is this: I not only need to teach you how to market yourself, I’ve gotta teach you how to make money from it. 

This isn’t about manifesting. This is about becoming the entrepreneur who can hold, who can contain, who can sustain everything that they are marketing themselves for.

This is about becoming someone who manifests by the very nature that is them.

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