Maintaining a Person Philosophy

Keeping a personal philosophy helps to weather all the storms that life brings. Maintaining an understanding of life and where you fit within it, a discipline to self-care habits, and a strength in your beliefs, will all help you to stay connected with the voice of your soul.

What is your personal philosophy?

Here is a practice to help you to identify and strengthen it:

  1. Reflect on the people that inspire you. What perspectives, qualities, beliefs or goals do they have that allows them to inspire you?
  2. Reflect on the people that don’t inspire you. What is keeping them from doing so? What can you learn from this?
  3. Think about people in your life who are genuinely happy. What do they do to maintain such a joyful outlook? Is it self-care, an unstoppably positive attitude, a fascination with life?
  4. What traits and beliefs lead to a balanced and sustainable society?

After reflecting on these prompts, decide what you feel is the most essential to emulate and hold close to your heart.


We all face challenges in life that bring into center stage the question of the firmness of our personal philosophy. Keeping that philosophy strong will make life easier. You will be able to distinguish what is right for you and your life, with no regrets later on.

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