Expressing Love

The earliest mention of Valentine’s Day marks a day, in the 6th century B.C., when sacrifices in the name of the blessings for fertility took place.

During the centuries since, the holiday’s origin and purpose has changed. It’s been updated to speak to religious, historical or cultural events.

In contemporary times we have the opportunity, several times a year thanks to Hallmark, to offer our love and care for people with a tangible communicative vehicle. Our greeting cards speak of our hearts, our vulnerabilities, even our regrets. We feel temporarily fulfilled having expressed ourselves and shared our inner light. Though expression in a card can be important, it is also an act of learning to communicate via sharing feelings and acknowledging others. Consider how long feelings are sustained in a greeting card or reciprocated.

Let’s take a moment to focus on our interactions. Non verbal language sends a much clearer understanding of communication regarding our feelings and thoughts. Ask yourself these questions.

How many ways do I live honorably and with an open heart?
How do I relate to people that I care about regarding the value of intimacy?
What does intimacy mean to me?
Am I attentive to whether intimacy has the same value for me as for the people in my life?

It is always important to check in with yourself, your inner dialogue and make note that the “true you” is being voiced. All efforts to be authentic are wrapped within a blanket of calm, respect and acceptance for others. Being authentic gives space for others to be their authentic self. This allowance is a conduit for intimacy and true love.
Love yourself first and it is an easy journey to love and be loved by others.

Written Nancy Frank-Thomas,  Tribe Pro-level Member
Personal and Professional Self Development Educator and Facilitator
Board Certified Hypnotist/Instructor Trainer
Self Acceptance Training Coach and Stress Reduction Specialist
InterPlay Leader, Certified (Body Wisdom Techniques)
Kabbalah Student/Mentor

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