How To Make Friends When You’re an Introvert

Being introverted isn’t bad. In fact, it can be a healthy way of dealing with a world that is often surprising, threatening, stressful, and superficial. The term introvert is sometimes misinterpreted as a lack of desire to behave socially at all, but often, this isn’t the case.

Introverts like to be specific about who they choose to allow into their lives. Choosing people as fellowship who have a similar belief system or other close connection make it possible to talk about topics beyond the weather and the day’s news—larger ideas like philosophy, perspectives on life, and common struggles.

Thus, stepping out of your comfort zone as an introvert can be a challenge because it requires you to open yourself to those who may be different, or engage in small talk. However, some challenges are worth the while.

Stepping out of your comfort zone can have a host of benefits. By communicating with people with different perspectives, you may learn about new aspects of the human experience you never even considered. Additionally, humans are deeply interconnected and seeking positive human interaction can increase our physical well-being.

As an introvert, it can be hard to know where to search for new social opportunities. Here are some ideas that we find useful:

Join a Book Club

If you enjoy reading, joining a book club can be a rewarding experience. It is a great way to engage socially in an intellectual and/or fun context. Since the book opens the discussion to thoughtful response and reflection, you’ll enjoy getting to know your group members’ ideas and beliefs.

Local libraries often have multiple book clubs that you can join, so try searching their website for opportunities near you.

Join a Team or Pick Up a New Sport

These days, there are so many options for all ages and abilities. Joining an organized sport can motivate you to stay dedicated to your physical self-care while simultaneously allowing you the space to make new friends.

Check to see if there are any organizations in your area that host adult leagues, peruse through your local community center offerings, or join a meetup.

Attend Seminars

Are there topics that you’d like to learn more about? It’s likely that there are others who feel the same way. In most areas, you’ll find a variety of seminars you can attend. They can be a great place to meet new people, and what fun to learn something new.

Check out universities, libraries, and community centers near you to find seminars in your area.


One of the greatest things that we find about volunteering is that there often isn’t much social pressure—it can feel as though there is an invisible bond linking all volunteers in the power of their work.

That being said, volunteering can be a wonderful way to meet great new people. You’ll find fellowship being engaged with others that work on taking action to improve the world.

There are so many opportunities for volunteering. From homeless shelters to humanitarian service organizations, conservation groups to political organizations, youth mentoring to minority advocacy, there is some cause out there that would be lucky to have you. If you’d like to learn more about volunteering in your area, the internet may be your best resource.

We hope we’ve inspired you to find interesting ways to meet new people. Happy connecting!

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