How peer support improves clarity for small business owners

One of the biggest mistakes small business owners make (like some holistic practitioners in private practice, ahem…) is trying to go it alone in business. 

Over the 20+ years that we’ve mentored practitioners we have consistently watched people burrow themselves into their businesses and decline help over and over again.

Now, we know that this isn’t just a matter of stubbornness (although that can definitely be a reason). 

Sadly, many of us have been conditioned to feel some embarrassment or shame around asking for support or receiving help. Many of us want to avoid the vulnerability of letting others see that we don’t fully know what we’re doing, of looking lost or overwhelmed, and of making mistakes in front of others who seem lightyears ahead. 

But here’s the reality: we’re all kind of fumbling forward through our businesses, trying to find a little clarity in a hazy journey of business ownership. 

And instead of hiding all the messy parts, finding yourself a community with peer support at your fingertips, the kind of support that acknowledges + embraces imperfection, of experimentation, of lighthearted inspiration, may just be the key to improving clarity in your own business or practice. 

Peer support can improve clarity for small business owners in several ways:

  1. Shared experiences: Peer support groups provide a space for small business owners to share their experiences with others who are in a similar situation. This can help practitioners feel less isolated + provide them with a sense of belonging. When business owners share their experiences, they can learn from each other’s successes + failures, which can help them make more informed decisions about their own businesses. This is precisely why we provide opportunities throughout the month for our members to connect + share. Have you checked out Notworking yet?

  2. Perspective: Peer support groups can offer different perspectives + insights into the challenges small business owners face. Sometimes, practitioners can get stuck in their own way of thinking and can benefit from an outside perspective. Peer support can provide that fresh perspective and help business owners see things from a different angle. This is why we encourage coming to the table with open minds + open hearts; our Self-Care Circles are a perfect example of how each member has a unique perspective in helping themselves + others.

  3. Accountability: Peer support groups can help small business owners stay accountable to their goals + commitments. When business owners share their goals with others, they are more likely to follow through on them. Additionally, the support and encouragement of the group can help business owners stay motivated + focused. Sometimes the ONLY thing that helps me knock out work tasks I’ve been avoiding is to show up to our GSD + WorkSprints events… this accountability stuff is FOR REAL.

  4. Resources: Peer support groups can be a great source of resources for small business owners. Members can share tips, tools + resources that have worked for them in the past. This can help business owners save time + money by avoiding mistakes + using proven strategies. Our Pro-Level Group and its discussion boards + pro-level TribeTV are ALL ABOUT sharing resources. Have you chimed in lately? Give + receive, friends.

Overall, peer support can help small business owners gain clarity by providing them with a sense of community, new perspectives, accountability, + resources. By participating in a community of peer support like Tribe’s, small business owners can gain confidence in their decision-making and feel more empowered to navigate the challenges of running a successful business.

What do you say we shed the embarrassment + shame, get a little vulnerable + come out of hiding so that our businesses + our hearts can feel the power of peer support! 

Your business is a gem, and clarity is what polishes it into something beautiful. 

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