The Soul Aspect of Self Care (3 Key Ways to Nurture Your Spiritual Wellbeing)

How do you take care of and nurture your spirit?

It may not cross your mind to consciously choose practices that nurture your spirit, but chances are you are already taking care of yourself in ways that connect you to your essence, your purpose, or the meaning you seek in everyday life.

On the other hand, when you are not consciously aware of or providing yourself with spiritual or soul-centered self-care, you may quietly sense that something is “off” and maybe you can’t quite put your finger on what it is.

This is when looking at self care as multidimensional can be an opportunity to study closely the forms and methods you choose to practice self-care. Taking all 4 dimensions of self care into account, you create a well-rounded holistic approach to look after yourself as a WHOLE being, whether it’s to fill in those intangible gaps or to simply create better harmony within you. Consider that if all you do is focus on, say, physical self care but rarely consider your spiritual well-being, you may be missing out on an aspect or dimension that needs/ wants your compassion, love, and attention.

Not sure what soulful self care looks like? Read on for some simple ways to infuse your spirit with self care. You may be surprised by all of the good you’re already doing, or you may pick up a gem or two that can round out your practices and turn that “off” feeling to “right on!”

1. Connecting with Essence as Self Care
This might include prayer, meditation, or any practice that gives you silence and space to ponder who you are when you stop doing and going, and just be. At your essence, are you meant to be a stressed out busybody? Or is your essence something sweeter, quieter, even… divine?

2. Connecting with Purpose as Self Care
This might be time carved out to visualize new possibilities, to study your dreams, to practice gratitude, to spend time in nature, and as a whole to be more aware of the non-material aspects of your life. When you let go of the focus of obtaining, earning, and producing, what gives you a sense of purpose?

3. Connecting with Meaning as Self Care
This may look like a deliberate practice of identifying what is meaningful to you in your work and life, then practicing mindfulness and being present in those moments. Maybe it’s the connection you make with others, or the difference you make in someone’s day, or the creative fire you put into all that you do. What underlies all the “doing” and gives your life value and meaning?


Written by Cari Rogers, co-owner of Tribe and founder of HealThySelf. Cari loves to partner with people who believe that the body has an incredible capacity to heal under the right circumstances and with the right support.


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