Using animal medicine/symbology for spiritual guidance?

  • Using animal medicine/symbology for spiritual guidance?

  • Cari Rogers

    January 3, 2022 at 12:14 pm

    Hi, I was curious if anyone else pays attention to animal medicine as spiritual guidance. I have correlated animal encounters in nature and dreams to be messages. For example: in the past week I’ve had a Cooper’s Hawk right outside my window and understand hawks to represent “messenger” medicine. Yesterday I witnessed two bald eagles outside my in-laws’ window and know eagle represents “spirit” medicine. And finally, I’ve witnessed numerous deer on my walks through the forest preserve near my house and know that medicine to represent “gentle”.

    Taking those three in I am contemplating the powerful presence of “listening for gentle messages from my spirit, Great Spirit and any other spirit guides.”

    Let me know if you experience the same or have curiosity about this type of spiritual work. I find it fascinating and magical.

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