Appreciation and Gratitude

  • Appreciation and Gratitude

    Posted by Kate Luce on December 4, 2021 at 10:24 am

    This morning I read an interesting statement…

    “Gratitude is keeps you in the past. Appreciate means to increase in value.”

    The other night I lead a channeled meditation where gratitude came through as on of the themes. For the participants to scan over the past year to the shiny moments that brought them joy in which they felt gratitude for. It was a natural and opening meditation and I could feel the energies of gratitude, joy and love come through in my participants. I realize this morning there is a sense of looking backwards. This morning I am able to feel the expansive energy of appreciation for the now and the steps ahead. To me, it seems there is a place for both gratitude and appreciation. Both energies can bring positive shifts for us. What are your thoughts?

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