Fall Harvest and Preparation

  • Fall Harvest and Preparation

  • Thiera Smith

    October 4, 2021 at 11:28 am

    One way we might align with the season of Fall (also, the area I’m focusing on this season) is organizing our schedule to reflect:

    #1. Our values

    #2. Our priority of Rest.

    Winter is coming, and in preparation we take the season of Fall to get clear on where we want to spend the precious resource that is our energy in the months where we try to conserve and nourish. Winter will be a time for internal reflection and rest, so in Fall we start looking at how we can slowly ramp down our schedule to prioritize rest.

    I love having an organized schedule, and I notice it is often pretty packed. Some of the ways I’ve added in rest during the last few weeks:

    • Having a middle-of-the-day bath. Seriously, a 2pm bath feels so luxurious.
    • Listening to my dog. We’ve got a puppy, and often during my work from home days he has moments where he wants attention. When I catch myself feeling frustrated with that need or thinking how I just want to focus on my work I’ve been flipping that script in my head and thanking this little being for helping me remember to take breaks.
    • Adding a new Sunday ritual. My husband, just recently, told me that when he was growing up his family would get the Sunday newspaper and he’d always snag the comics and automotive section. We’ve instituted a new ritual of getting a physical newspaper and sharing it while we sit on our back porch. It takes us hours to get through it while we sip our coffee and tea. I imagine we will move to the couch when it gets too cold to be outside.

    How are you aligning with the fall?

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