Gestures of Self-love

What is self-love and why is it important? Self-love allows us to accept and love ourselves exactly where we are with all our imperfections. It isn’t complacency, but an attitude of kindness that fosters an environment of growth without guilt, disappointment, or anger. And, practicing self-love can help us feel good about ourselves without the need for other opinions or affirmations.

How can we improve our relationship with ourselves to promote self-love? There are many ways, including self affirmations, self-care in general, or just a simple self-directed gesture of comfort. Stroking, a slow and smooth movement using both hands and conforming to the contours of the body, can be a way of fostering self-love. It is a self-soothing technique that has the added benefit of inducing mental and muscular relaxation, and nerve and blood flow stimulation.

In the same way you would stroke a pet’s back, apply to your own body whenever you need soothing. Run your hands up your legs, over your hips and low back, over your belly, shoulders and arms, even over your head and face as you breathe slowly. Notice how positive touch calms an anxious mind and fosters an attitude of self-friendliness. Visit Tribe TV, under the resources tab, for a 1-minute follow-along video!

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