Explore Your Connection to the Divine

There is a point in time for everyone when we begin to question our place in the universe and the existence of divinity. While finding answers to these questions can seem daunting, it doesn’t mean that you must go on a long journey—these answers can be found right where you are.

In this post, we’ll share some tips to help you get connected spiritually with the divine. We hope you’ll develop a sense of tranquility in knowing the brightness that pervades the universe.

1. Explore Divinity in Nature

Stepping out into nature can be a great starting point to explore your connection with the divine. Every component of nature works in perfect harmony to sustain life for all its creatures.

If it’s difficult for you to appreciate the full grandeur of nature, while you’re outside remind yourself that we’re only beginning to understand the incredibly complex interactions that make an ecosystem thrive and the world flourish. Something must have figured it out years ago, providing comfort, sustenance, and shelter to all of nature’s inhabitants before anyone asked for it.

Keeping this attitude can help you remember the divine force that abounds in nature and every living being, and help you quantify the sheer beauty of it all.

2. Change Your Mindset

In our divided, disconnected world, it can be challenging to remember that every individual is a part of nature, and thus has a portion of this divinity in them. But, remembering this can help brighten your outlook and help you to spread more joy throughout the world.

Try imagining each person that you come across as a bright light. This can be a great exercise to amplify the beauty that is inherent in all individuals, however veiled. By doing so, you’ll soon find yourself surrounded by divinity all throughout your day.

3. Explore the Divinity in You

Behind the veil of habit-patterns and mental chatter, there is divine light inside of you as well—every person is born with divinity at the core of our being.

This divinity can be experienced in many ways. It may manifest itself through your creative actions and compositions—the joy associated with creative work is one luminous aspect of the divine.

You may also experience divinity when you are the most content. It may happen when you fulfill your actions with good conscience, purpose, and passion, and feel blessed for all that you have. This is yet another way to connect with the divine.

By stepping out into nature, changing your mindset, or simply drawing your mind internally, we’ll hope you’ll find comfort in some good ol’ spiritual connection.

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