Everyday Mindfulness

Mindfulness, the highly conscious state of observation, is a simple technique to guide your thoughts, emotions, and senses back to the present moment. Working on mindfulness can help you to manage stress, clarify your thoughts, broaden your perspective, and inspire a sense of inner-peace by serving as a tranquil return to home-base.

While mindfulness can be practiced during the times you need it most, it can be an even more effective tool when incorporated into your overall mindset, every day. In other posts, we’ve shared practices to help guide you to the state of mindfulness, which can be helpful if you’re just getting started. In this post, we’d like to provide some tips to help you incorporate mindfulness throughout your day.

Think About Thinking

It’s easy to let thoughts go by unchecked. But a lot can be gained by taking a moment to consider whether they are useful, hurtful, or just unnecessary mental chatter. By taking this mindful pause to examine your thoughts, you get the chance to change any future thought patterns if you learn that they aren’t helpful for you.

Practice Quietude

After thinking about thinking, you may start to realize that you’re thinking too much altogether! If this is the case, consider using tools such as conscious breathing, exercise, and relaxation techniques to quiet your mind and return to a peaceful state.

Take A Pause Before Reacting

Life gets us into habits—some that our good for us and the people in our lives, and some that aren’t. Before any event, instead of slipping into a habit pattern that we’ve created for ourselves, consider taking a pause and reflecting on whether that action will be the most helpful for everyone involved.

We hope these tips will help you live with greater intention and mindfulness, and bring you greater clarity and joy.

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