Willpower on Demand: Break Your Pattern of “Bad” Eating

Do you ever judge yourself for being “good” or “bad” with your eating? For example, you’re “good” in the morning and eat a breakfast in alignment with your healthy eating goals, but then after dinner you’re “bad” and eat multiple desserts, even though you aren’t hungry.

Where do those judgments come from and why do they happen? Do those judgments feed into your “bad” eating? And is your “bad” eating because you’re lacking willpower, or is there something else happening underneath the surface that you can’t see yet?

Join Certified Holistic Health Coach, Laura B. Folkes for this “Willpower on Demand” session where we’ll explore that and more.

This call is for you if:

  • You’ve been wondering why you know what to do but you’re not consistently doing it and would like to understand the pattern.
  • You want to start to get to the bottom of why you’re able to be “good” most of the time, but fall off track 10-15% of the time.
  • You are looking for clarity as to why you constantly think about food.
  • You’ve tried multiple diets and are ready for something new to address your relationship with food, but you’re not sure what it is yet.

This call is not the right fit if you’re:

  • Looking for guidance on exactly what to eat (e.g., a meal plan, or a specific way of eating)
  • Looking for a quick fix
  • Interested in more tactics to resist food
  • Looking for another diet plan that will provide fast results

What to Expect from the Session:

In the first part of this call, we’ll go through some journaling prompts to see what leads to feeling in or out of control with food. (You might discover willpower or discipline don’t play a role 🤯).

The second part will be for discussion based on what you uncovered during the journaling exercise, as well as an open forum to answer any and all questions. It will be a safe, confidential, and judgment-free space. Because of that, this call will not be recorded.


Your point of contact for this event is the ORGANIZER listed on the events calendar description. Please direct all questions pertaining to this event to Laura Folkes.


Apr 26 2023


5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

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Laura Folkes, Certified Holistic Health Coach
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