sound bath meditation

“We all have a hungry heart, and one of the things we hunger for is happiness.” ― Mary Oliver

Ease the heart, rest the body, and calm the mind in this peace-inducing session. Allow the soundscape of crystal bowls, chimes and drumming infuse your body, mind and spirit with gratitude, centering and empowerment. All are welcome.*

About the experience: You’ll be invited to lay down or stay seated, close your eyes, and relax. You’ll then be guided with a presencing meditation followed by an immersion of sound therapy instruments integrating quartz crystal bowls, chimes + drums, with tuning forks applied close to the body.

Notice the sensations of the sounds in and around you + wash away any blocks or tension. The intention is to promote a sense of inner calm so that you leave the space feeling more grounded, refreshed, fully present + connected with the world around you. Your experience is going to be truly individual and unique from the person next to you. All you have to do is show up for yourself and surrender into the sound.

What to bring:

  • Optional yoga mat (we have an assortment of cushions and chairs on hand as well)
  • Anything to make you feel more comfortable laying or sitting on the floor (blanket, pillow, bolster, etc.)
  • Closed container (we have water and tea available on site)
  • Eye cover (optional)

Doors open at 11:45am so that you can get settled in for a prompt 12pm start. Late entry is not permitted after 12:05pm so plan to be early!

Cost: $39 per session
Early Bird pricing: register more than 10 days in advance of each session and pay $29! Use code EARLY10 at checkout.

Registration closes at 10am on day of event.

This ticket is non-refundable if you cancel less than 24 hours prior to the event, or if you no-show/ are denied late-entry.

*While this experience is facilitated to be gentle to the nervous system, sound therapy (like any modality) can stir the nervous system response in many ways. Be mindful of health conditions + any sensitivities that may arise, and your personal comfort with a group event. Please contact the organizers if you’re uncertain. Your point of contact for this event is the ORGANIZER listed on the events calendar description. Please direct all questions pertaining to this event to Cari Rogers + Katie Riffel.



Nov 18 2023


doors open at 11:45 and we start promptly at 12pm so plan to arrive early to settle in + not disturb the session
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm




Tribe's Studio
1819 W Belmont Ave, Chicago (corner entrance)
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