Say “Yes” to Summer

As summer is upon us, do you ever find yourself thinking, “I just want to be able to…”

  • “…feel stronger in my body.”
  • “…eat what everyone else is eating without guilt.”
  • “…enjoy the outdoors while feeling confident in my body.”
  • “…keep up with friends and family during activities.”
  • “…eat without guilt and feeling like I have to ‘make up’ for eating something indulgent.”

If it ever feels like the way you move, how you participate in different activities (or don’t participate), and how you feel around food can’t change, it is possible for things to be different!

Join Personal Trainer and Flexibility Specialist, Amanda Boike, along with Certified Holistic Health Coach, Laura B. Folkes for an empowering workshop designed to help you:

  • Uncover the root causes behind your struggle with consistent eating habits and food-related guilt
  • Learn how to move with ease and confidence, without the pain and strain of traditional exercise, so you can feel stable and grounded all summer long
  • Get practical tools to help you feel stable around food without needing to resist it, or white knuckle your way through

Imagine a delicious, peaceful summer where you…

  • Eagerly embrace new experiences and adventures on your terms
  • Live fully in the moment
  • Create lasting memories without being stuck in your head or bogged down by self-doubt

All of this and more is possible. Join us and take the first step toward a liberating and joyful summer!

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Jun 13 2024


7:00 pm - 8:15 pm

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Laura Folkes, Certified Holistic Health Coach
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