Power Practices Workshop with Marianne Knox

Join me on Sunday January 28th for my Virtual Power Practices Workshop Register here This year, instead of making resolutions, setting intentions, or planning goals I challenge you to create Power Practices!

I’m hosting an online workshop to teach you three simple, stick-with-it-able, systemic practices that you can start using right away to see big, beautiful shifts in your daily life.

You’ll shift your energy from stress and struggle to calm and centered.You’ll shift your mindset from always seeking to deeply satisfied.

You’ll shift your attitude from critical to compassionate. These shifts bring you back to feeling like the happy, whole, high-vibe person you were born to be. Resolutions, intentions, and goals are surface-level and easy to break.

Power Practices are promises you keep.

Practice One shows you how to access your true, unbiased inner wisdom — most people listen to their gut when they should listen to this instead! (Your gut is your pause button inviting you to listen to an inner voice you might be ignoring.

Practice Two teaches you a breathing technique designed to keep you grounded and calm. Instead of reacting to things from a short fuse, you’ll have the control to pause, slow down, and respond thoughtfully. With practice, calm becomes your new normal.

Practice Three offers a daily ritual to create space in your heart to experience profound compassion and appreciation, no matter what life throws your way. This shift in perspective is the pathway to enduring contentment and peace.

Together, these practices form an unshakeable foundation for physical, emotional, and mental wellness. As you already have everything you need inside of you to create the change you want in your life.

I’m honored to show you simple tools to shift your dream life into your real life.

Your point of contact for this event is the Organizer in the event listing. Please direct all inquiries pertaining to this event to Marianne Knox.


Jan 28 2024


Central Time
11:00 am - 1:30 pm



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Marianne Knox
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