Meditation Circle

Sharing a meditation practice with others is a radical act of healing the collective.**

Join Cari Rogers + guest facilitators on the unending path of meditation to 1) meet yourself and 2) meet others as you deepen your practice through curious exploration, deep listening, thoughtful contemplation and insightful shares. This circle meets bi-weekly and will explore various approaches to meditation via the mind, the body, the spirit and the emotions. The format is simple yet potent: introduction to a specific practice, experiential/ guided practice, sharing circle integration. Attend to your practice in community on alternating Tuesday evenings. Remaining 2022 Dates: 12/13, 12/27


12/13 Circle: Soul Gym Meditation with Darrell Jones

Work out your soul in the soul gym.  There are so many practices that support soulful living.  As we begin to close out the calendar year, there is an opening that takes place as well.  This opening is an opportunity to engage in a specific meditative practice called Visioning. It is a deep, powerful and reverent practice of asking our mind, body and spirit what is seeking to emerge next.  What must I become, what must I let go of, what can I embrace to support the highest vision for my life moving forward.  This month’s meditation will entertain some of these very questions!  Come sit and listen for what is seeking to come forth in 2023 for you.
Darrell Jones is a minister, spiritual director and mindfulness coach who brings 20 years of personal practice and over 14 years of professional experience inspiring, teaching and coaching individuals, spiritual communities and business groups to begin and maintain a life of spiritual practices to deepen connection with life.


12/27 Circle: Life Cycle Meditation with Cari Rogers

Meditate upon the cycle of life, your life, to contemplate “what it is you plan to do with your one wild and precious life.” [Mary Oliver]
Cari Rogers is the curator of this Meditation Circle and brings 20 years of holistic health experience to every experience she creates for individuals to explore life, death and everything in between with healing, presence and connection. This is the path to a vibrant life, and it is so deserved.


Open to the public: $35 per circle* ($28 for Pro tribe members- YOU MUST BE SIGNED IN TO RECEIVE THE DISCOUNT)

*scholarships spots are available, contact organizer for details

**How is joining a meditation circle a radical act of healing? Collective restoration occurs when you are willing to show up with curiosity + compassion, take what resonates with you into your personal practice, and leave judgments + suffering behind. This is a paradigm shift our planet and its inhabitants need, and each circle is the drop of water that creates a ripple in the ocean.


Dec 27 2022


doors open 15 minutes early, we begin promptly at 7pm
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm




Tribe's Studio
1819 W Belmont Ave, Chicago (corner entrance)
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