Marketing Masterclass: The Creator Container

What does your business require from you in order to sustain itself?

As modern entrepreneurs yearning for ways to “do business differently,” we find ourselves moving through the spectrum of ultra-structure to ultra-flow. 

And we ask ourselves, “How can I show up fully to sustain my business so that my business can fully sustain me?”

When working with coaches and consultants in this field, we are more often than not asked to show up in ways that fall outside of integrity with our innate way of being. 

Whether it’s too much structure in place that makes us feel drained and depleted or too much flow in place that makes us feel slow and stagnant, we all have experienced the upside and downside of both extremes.

How do we honor both the structure and the flow?

How do we contain our creative fire?

How do we sustain the life of our business while sustaining the life we desire?

And how do we market ourselves in a way that is actually effective – without compromising our integrity, energy, boundaries and wholeness?

Find out in my upcoming Masterclass called “The Creator Container” where we create your very own “Creator Day.” Whether it’s a few hours a week, a half day, or a full day, your “Creator Day” is what sustains your business because it is now contained. 

Your business will feel safe to thrive.

And so will you.

Your point of contact for this event is the Organizer in the event listing. Please direct all inquiries pertaining to this event to Christina Giordano.


Feb 12 2024


11:00 am - 12:00 pm



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