How to Finally Get Consistent with Healthy Eating

How often do you start your day on track and feel hopeful you’ll be able to see it through until you go to bed? You eat a healthy breakfast, a nourishing lunch but then at some point in the afternoon or evening, the wheels start to come off. Once they loosen it’s hard to maintain control and it becomes a slippery slope. Before you know it you are head first in a 5-pound bag of M&Ms and can’t seem to stop yourself.

If only you had more willpower or discipline, right? There’s a common misconception that the more effort you put in, the more results you’ll get.

Relief comes from getting to the bottom of why you lose your willpower. You already have some great habits that are helping you work towards your goals. You start many days with good intentions and have a plan. You’re even able to string a couple of “good” days together and have likely had success with a way of eating for a while. You know you can maintain your discipline for a certain period of time, but why are you able to keep it going for a while but not for the long-term?

There is a way to get freedom from the frustrating rollercoaster you’ve been on!

During this workshop you’ll identify the main reason you self-sabotage and what’s actually taking you off track so you can finally break the cycle!

What You’ll Learn:

  • What’s actually happening when you’re stress eating, binge eating, mindlessly eating or are generally eating out of alignment with your goals
  • Why food feels worth it in the moment but not after the fact
  • Why lack of willpower isn’t the reason you’re not able to stay on track with your healthy habits
  • How we turn to food when we’re lacking a sense of safety
  • What leads YOU to self-sabotage

A recording will be provided if you’re not able to attend live.


Jan 24 2023


5:30 pm - 6:45 pm



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Laura Folkes, Certified Holistic Health Coach
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