February Moon Manifestation Circle: Empower Your Intentions

New moons are a powerful time to go within and set goals as the astrological energy tends to “supercharge” new beginnings, desires, and manifestations. Throughout the year, each moon circle will offer a new opportunity to practice tried and true manifesting techniques to activate miracles in our lives. The astrological themes at the time will influence our approach so that we can sync up with universal support.

Currently, all of the planets are all moving forward which is bringing a lot of momentum for us to harness. 

This month, we will focus on an approach known as creative visualization, or “futuring” to empower our new years resolutions or special intentions. We will do this via a special guided meditation to journey through our 9th chakra and see ourselves experiencing our desired outcome. Then we will journal or draw to record and bring form to our vision. I will also provide some suggestions for a vision board that you can create at home and how it will support your vision throughout the year. 

We will pull some oracle cards for divination (signs and guidance from higher realms), and finish with some group sharing.

If you attended the previous circle, this will help you continue to focus on your intention, and if you are joining us for the first time, you will have the opportunity to set a new intention or refine your new years resolution with new, impactful insight.

Please bring a journal and a pen. A worksheet will be provided, and you will be provided with a new crystal to take home.


Feb 19 2023


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm



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Tribe's Studio
1819 W Belmont Ave, Chicago (corner entrance)
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