Community Culture + Guidelines

Community Culture + Guidelines

Our intention is for Tribe to be a SAFE(R)* space for holistic health seekers to find a sense of commonality + belonging while also expressing autonomy + sovereignty. To ensure this, please do your part to uphold our community culture + guidelines.  *(We acknowledge that no space can be guaranteed to be 100% safe)

I commit to spearheading my own healing.
I am resourceful yet ask for help + support when needed.
I am an active listener and approach others with curiosity and an open mind.
I am collaborative, not competitive, in community.
I practice regular self care + self-respect and am also other-centered.
I maintain healthy boundaries and respect the boundaries of others.
I hold space for others and abstain from giving unsolicited advice.
I practice compassion when I see another being suffering.
I respect that everyone has a unique lived experience that is different from mine.
I include + acknowledge others and respect differing viewpoints.
I am aware of my own judgments, preferences + biases.
I address questions and concerns directly and do not speak unkindly of/ toward others.
I trust that everyone is doing their best and therefore do not take things personally.
I seek to settle conflicts and reconcile with my community in a timely manner.

May all beings be happy, free and at peace.✌️

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