Maybe you are a music person, a writer, actor, a visual artist, or just generally interested in the fine arts. If so, you’ve probably thought of yourself as a creative person for quite a while. Our culture seems to gravitate to identifying these professions/hobbies as a place for creative people. But maybe you are a healthcare worker, insurance agent, secretary, or in another profession where people may not automatically label you as “creative.” We are here to tell you: you are.

Humans are creative creatures. We, as a species, have been given the tools to change the world in the way we see fit. We’ve been given the ability to let our creativity flow without bounds, blessed with a mind that can literally think ourselves into the sky. You may not play the guitar or write books, but you travel through complex mental passageways and perform original, complex calculations for your tasks and conversations. Although it may sound silly, this IS creative. 

Consider other ways you may be creative. Instead of performing plays in your free time, you might come up with new recipes, create online graphics, write emails, analyze a recent event, or do a jigsaw puzzle.

And we need creativity, too. Being creative can “increase positive emotions, lessen depressive symptoms, reduce stress, decrease anxiety, and even improve immune system functioning” (Cathy Malchiodi, PhD). And, it can feel incredibly satisfying to think or create something that is totally original. Creativity is a form of self-care.

Think about what you do throughout your day, and how creative you can be at managing situations, forming new ideas, having fun, and accomplishing difficult tasks. Give yourself a pat on the back, and recognize how cool you are.

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