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Welcome Seekers of Holistic Health!

Do you love taking care of yourself but find it kind of lonely to do it all on your own? Perhaps the people in your life aren’t on the same page as you when it comes to healthier living. At Tribe you’ll build meaningful relationships with other members on a deeper level than you might find at home, or even in a one-off class or session.

And on those days when your motivation is zapped or you feel disconnected, it is absolutely CRUCIAL to have a soft place to land to refuel your spirit!

Do you have a hard time being consistent with taking care of yourself because you tend to put everything/ everyone else first? A Club-Level membership with Tribe gives you easy, consistent access to various self-care strategies at a cost that is accessible, saving you time, money, energy and your health! Incorporating self-care becomes a no-brainer, especially at the most crucial times when you tend to neglect it, making it possible to keep showing up for others (the whole oxygen mask thing…)

Do you have a bigger vision for your health and want a supportive community?
Find built-in inspiration and support from your peers with our Club-Level membership, where you have access to a collective of like-minded seekers as well as Holistic Professionals who can mentor or guide you to the right resources.

Research shows that with the support of community and regular check-ins, success in your vision or plan increases by a whopping 97%! Connect and commit with Tribe and you WILL create a life of important self care, connection, wellbeing, wisdom and joy.

Ellen Letten & Cari Rogers
Tribe Co-founders

A note from Tribe Co-founders

We created Tribe, A Healing Arts Community to support independent practitioners and health educators who have a passion for helping others. Our vision is to expand and change the face of health care by creating a collaborative space for holistic professionals to share their expertise, wisdom and gifts with an ever-expanding community.

Tribe Club-Level membership is ideal for:

Features of Membership:

"It's so nice to show up “as you are,” on these calls. I love knowing the Tribe community is always warm, accepting, non-harsh. It’s especially helpful in combating the challenge of feeling isolation (both physical and existential, if you will) too. I love listening to people’s insights and find it helpful to articulate my dreams out loud!"
Have you ever wished there was a place you could go to ask questions (from real people, not google) like:
As a member of our community you have access to consult the “TribeMind” for instant guidance on any aspect of holistic health! We trust, respect and actually enjoy each other’s company, and the support naturally expands beyond self-care to life and even friendship! We’d love for you to be a part of our Tribe.
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