Body Awareness

What is Body Awareness? This is how conscious and connected you are to your own body. There are 3 types of body awareness: interoceptive, proprioceptive, and spatial awareness. Combined they provide motor control, safe movement, and self-regulation. Body awareness is very important if we are to fully understand and manage our current physical and emotional states and our current stress level.

You can develop greater body awareness by:

  • honoring (not ignoring) your body’s needs like hunger, pain, fatigue, etc. to maintain resilience.
  • practicing a body scan, which allows you to to tune into sensations in different parts of your body without judgment
  • using any of the Physical/Body self-care practices our members have generously shared in Tribe TV to continue deepening your body awareness. You can navigate to Tribe TV under the Resources Tab on our website.

Developing body awareness will not only help you stay more conscious of your body, but will also help you stay more grounded and connected to yourself.

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