About Tribe

Tribe's Story

Ellen Letten and Cari Rogers had a vision in 2012 to create a community where holistic practitioners felt inspired, committed and prepared to start or grow their businesses with the support of like-minded colleagues.

They knew from years of working in the wellness industry that highly skilled people (just like themselves), whose purpose was to be of service in health, healing and personal development didn’t necessarily have:

They also knew that all of these roadblocks that were holding back so many amazing practitioners were absolutely surmountable.

So Ellen and Cari created a business incubator and collaborative workspace for wellness professionals: Tribe, A Healing Arts Community.

A place where the business side of holistic healthcare was ‘figureoutable.”

A space where practitioners could start small and grow into their dream, even with limited finances, know-how, time, energy, or confidence.

A collaborative space where a strong sense of personal and professional identity could be discovered, and a clear plan could be manifested successfully.

An awesome community founded in compassionate support by a network of like-souled colleagues.

Since the physical doors opened on their flagship studio in Chicago in 2013, and as they’ve expanded their membership beyond the brick + mortar walls to support practitioners everywhere, it is evident that this business model is the paradigm shift that the wellness industry needs.

The hundreds of practitioners who have passed through Tribe’s proverbial doors and taken the leaps over their roadblocks to find clarity, connection and commitment with their businesses are living proof that community is the foundation of fulfillment.

Ellen and Cari continue their commitment to fulfill their mission and shared vision to make business, entrepreneurship and private practice dreams POSSIBLE.