A Simple Outline for a Successful Mindfulness Practice

How do you build a consistent meditation or mindfulness practice? Because consistency is key in truly benefiting from these practices, creating a plan may help keep you accountable. Here’s a simple plan we suggest:

1. Ask yourself if you have one minute per day to get started. Then set a timer for one minute every day and get started!

2. Decide what you’d like to anchor your attention in for that minute (your breath? a candle? the food you’re chewing?). Then anchor all of your attention, senses and awareness into that thing for one minute.

3. Notice what you notice about that minute and if any judgment arose around what you experienced, thought or felt. Let go of that minute, that experience, that judgment, and continue on with your day.

4. Repeat daily. Perhaps a day comes where 2 minutes of your time are available, and so on…

Consistency, not duration, is key. In the end, you’ll benefit from better awareness of your thoughts and actions, and a strong ability to take a pause from your day and come back to yourself.

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