A 3-Day Challenge Can Alter Your Private Practice

We’ve seen this happen more than a few times.

A well-meaning, heart-centered practitioner excitedly gets a private practice started. They’re motivated, hopeful, quick to take action and to get everything set up.

They get a few clients in and think YES! This is going to be an AWESOME year for me! 

The practitioner connects with colleagues to ask questions and celebrate their success and they think It’s so nice to have a community of support while I grow my business!

Their work feels fun AND meaningful and they think THIS is what I’m meant to be doing!

And then slowly (but also sometimes overnight)… 

What seemed like a burst of enthusiastic clients turns to a quiet rumble. Suddenly fear sets in and the investment in a space, a website, a payment system feels like A LOT.

Instead of reaching out for support, going quiet feels more comfortable as disappointment, embarrassment, or resentment creeps in.

Suddenly the work that felt so fun and meaningful feels heavy and hard to do.

And now that practitioner thinks How am I going to make it through this year? I can’t let others see me failing when everyone else but me seems to be doing well in their business. I am not meant to be a business owner. What was I thinking?

The saddest part of all of this? 

It is completely avoidable. 

We just wrapped up a 3-Day Challenge over on Instagram that outlined 3 Things You Must Know Before Starting a Private Practice with micro-steps to begin taking action the smart + simple way.

We created this challenge because we have seen firsthand the pitfalls and mis-steps that practitioners struggle with that hold them back, slow them down, or stop them altogether from sticking with their vision to have a private practice. 

And we know (from having worked alongside each other and in support of hundreds of practitioners over the past 20 years) that when you have a clear and solid foundation for a vision and lean into support rather than going into hiding, that it is so much easier to be consistent, deliberate and resilient

That story above? That happens when no matter how well-meaning a practitioner is, they’re inconsistent in doing the necessary things to keep a business running. 

When no matter how enthusiastic a practitioner is, they make non-strategic, willy-nilly, fear-based decisions.

When no matter how intentional a practitioner is, they still want things to be easy and they fold under pressure when they realize it’s not.

Does it seem like we’re being hard on practitioners? We’re not. 

This is what happens when a practitioner is hard on themselves and they hide.

We’ve been through it, friends. 

We’ve been inconsistent, we’ve been afraid and all over the place, we’ve nearly folded, too.

And then we learned, transformed and grew from our mis-steps. We challenged ourselves to get very clear on what we are here to do. And how to do it, and how to share it with people like us. We became more consistent, more deliberate, and more resilient. 

And probably the most significant thing we do consistently? We lean into our community, not just to celebrate, but especially when we feel that all too familiar protective mode of wanting to hide. 

And we challenge you to do the same. So here goes:

💥Download our free guide: 3 Things You Must Know Before Starting a Private Practice 

💥Then follow along on our 3-Day Challenge that moves through this guide. Catch the challenge on TribeRadio or on Instagram.

💥Then take the micro-steps we lay out to create a clear foundation for your vision to have a private practice.

💥Finally, if you are willing to become a consistent, deliberate and resilient practitioner THIS YEAR, then join our 8-week deep dive Practice Flow program (2 more start dates in 2023: June + September).

We know that a practitioner like you and like us can own a sustainable private practice. We know you can do it with simple strategies and support. Simple doesn’t mean easy. But you can do it with MORE ease + flow than going it alone.

And that’s a challenge worth taking. 

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